How much firepower does a Carrier group have, similar to the one now in the South China Sea and are they ok there by  themselves?

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  • 1 month ago

    HISTORY.... WW ONE.   The battleship ruled.   It had the "big sticks"   as they could destroy other ships before the other ships could get close enough to fire.  Up to 20-25 miles.    The only ship a battleship had to worry about is another battleship.    WW TWO.   The Carrier ruled.   It now had the "big sticks"   as they could hit anything from hundreds of miles away and like the battleship in WW ONE,   all a carrier in WW TWO had to worry about was other carriers.    Now jump to today.   Who has the "big sticks?"    It is no longer the carriers,   you can shoot at them with ICBMs,  SLBMs,  cruise missiles etc from a thousand miles away,  well outside the range of the carrier based planes.    If an enemy wanted to take out a carrier group they could do it with a long range missile with a tactical nuke on board.    One missile,  one nuke.    We DO NOT have an effective defense against ballistic missiles even though we do have a system in place it has NOT been proven to be 100% effective.  

  • 1 month ago

    China has more firepower, if they're willing to start a war, which an attack on the carrier group certainly would do.

  • Dze
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    1 month ago

    alot .. but imo these days, especially with countrys with advanced weapons like china .. they can sink that entire carrier group with anti-ship missiles fired from over the horizon .. its more a statement of force when dealing with a place like china .. if it went live fire it would go to nukes pretty quick ..

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