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Maybe MCL injury? Figure skater. What should i do?

So I was practicing my axel jump off ice and didn’t get enough rotation on one and landed on my leg badly. My mcl hurts whenever I do a jump or spin now but it’s definitely not broken or torn. I have a hip-hip dance class tomorrow, as well as on the weekend, a lesson on-ice followed by a full day of ice time, and a ballet class. What should I do? Should I ice it? Just keep doing as usual? Should I just stick to edge work (skating skills minus jumps and spins) this weekend? That’d suck because I was gonna start preparing and building my program for a competition

I’m 19 if that makes any difference

Thanks :))

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    It may be torn or there may be meniscus damage. If you keep pushing it, even though there's pain, you could do serious damage. Get checked out by a doctor, who may want to do an MRI to see what's going on in there. Best to treat it now, when you may be able to avoid surgery, than to keep pushing it and end up needing a ligament replacement (or more).

    Source(s): Two knee surgeries across 2 yrs due to damaged meniscus and torn ACL
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