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Why did I buy a 70" TV when every time i watch a MOVIE the movie is all stretched out and only takes up 17" of my TV?

the movie is all stetched out every freaking time, with big black bars on the top and bottom. Why dont it take up the whole tv? Why wont it take up the entire tv? Why cant they make it right? Does this bother any one else?

If there are black bars on the right and left, i understand that, because that is the way the were made back them, but i dont get why they are doing this now, all messed up. The tv is already stretched out and widescreen from the 90s, so it should fit and it does not, the tvs were better in the 90s then having to deal with this.

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    Read The Owner's Manual 

    and Learn How To Change The Aspect Ratio.    


    Every TV has at least three choices for this,  but they are not all the same, 

    so you have to find out what options your TV offers  

    and you have to change the setting according to what you are watching.     

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    Widescreen TVs are typically 16:9 format. 

    Widescreen movies usually start at around 22:9, but there are many different movie widescreen formats.

    So if you want to see movies as the director intended, you have to still accept black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Anything else is a kludge, but many people prefer that. If you’re one of those people then adjust the screen format on your TV: typically there will be a number of methods. The simplest is to simply magnify the image to make the black bars vanish but that risks not seeing vital content at what would have been the extreme left and right of the original image.

    In the past, TV channels and many video/DVD/BluRay made the images fit the screen using another kludge called “scan and pan” which needed a human editor to choose where to move the image you were presented with to show as much of the original image as possible. 

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    Maybe there is a setting to turn it to fullscreen somewhere 

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