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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 3 months ago

My computer keeps shutting off while playing a game online?

I downloaded Hitman 2 awhile back from the epic games store (when it was free). I am using ethernet to play online. I am on the level where Agent 47 is in some kind of Bazzar and has to take out two targets. Anyway, the game plays fine for awhile, I can play maybe 5 minutes or so, but then my computer suddenly turns off for no apparent reason. Everything is up to date as far as I can tell, and my computer doesn't feel hot to the touch. Any thoughts?


Hombre, no it is not. Battlefront 2 also does this. It gets to the loading screen and after maybe 2 or 3 minutes (max) the computer shuts down.

Update 2:

El Nerdo, I decided to place a small fan (about the size of a large fist) on top of the vent to blow air inside the desktop. That seems to have taken care of the problem. Maybe it was just overheating. I will have to see how to get that fixed.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Remove the panel and make sure your CPU cooler and GPU fans are working. I know you said it feels cool, but those two things overheating doesn't always make the case feel hot.

    And, check the PSU too. I assume that's where you were touching to make sure, but still make sure the fan's spinning just to be safe. This still really sounds like a heat issue to me.

    Source(s): You can also monitor temps with something like CPUID or other such software.
  • so then i take it from your detailed explanation, that this is only occuring with this game, or not?

  • 3 months ago

    I've had a virus that did that before, I would get your computer checked for malware. 

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