Going on a date but not sure if he is actually interested ?

Met a guy on bumble. He is good at responding but I am always the one to reach out first. I asked if I was bothering him, he said I wasn't. I suggested meeting him and he agreed. Im just a bit confused because I don't know if he is just being nice or actually wants to meet because im the one to always text first. 

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  • Mike A
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    1 month ago
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    There are guys out there who actually prefer the girl make the first move. If you have already been the one to do so, it may have set a precident that you will have to overcome at some point. You like the guy enough that you set plans up with him. I'd say you'll get a better estimation on how he is with you once you two are out on a date. 

    I would plan this date with enough money to cover your own tab. Also plan on getting home via rideshare if he picks you up, so you're not at the mercy of his disappointment. While you're with him, watch for signs of either sincerity or flattery. People who are just being nice won't have any way other than fakery to win you over. But they'll have a limited timeframe to work with, and if things aren't going their perfect way, they'll shut the whole thing down. If a guy really likes you and wants to get to know you, he will roll with it, understand human limits, and not hold shortcomings and little mistakes against you.

    It is possible to feel out flattery versus sincerity without going on a date, but since the guy has agreed, I say go for it. Do also keep in mind that because you initiated the date, he might expect you to pay. That's generally considered fair in the dating scene. So perhaps plan on covering the date if he doesn't make the move to, and decide what that means to you if it comes to pass. 

    And that's the best advice I can give. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    have you asked what he’s looking for? if he’s looking for a relationship then go. if nothing serious, & you wanna have sex then go for it 

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