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UC-1099G for unemployment benefits I never received.?

So I applied for the pandemic unemployment and got accepted.  However, even though I filled out the bi-weekly claims, I never got a single penny from them (they said it was being sent, but it never did).  Now, I got a tax form from them for over $5,500 they say I received.  I tried contacting them, but all I get is the busy tone.  I am freaking out and idk what to do about it.  Do I have to file it, or is there a way I can dispute it?

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    You report the unemployment benefits as income and pay tax on it.

  • Amy
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    It seems like finding the $5,500 should be a higher priority than figuring out the tax consequences. Wait to file your tax return until you get the unemployment issue resolved (file an extension if it drags past April).

  • 1 month ago

    You have to file it.

    What state are you in?  Most states it goes to a separate debit card based bank account, not your regular bank account.

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