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Did Hank Aaron and Denny Mclain every play a baseball game  together on the same team ?

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    Yes, they did.  In Mc Lain's first appearance with the Braves, Aaron did not play.  However, in his second appearance (less than three innings) Aaron played the full game at first base.  They played together in other games as well.

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    They were both members of the Atlanta Braves during the second half of the 1972 season.  The season Aaron took over second place on the career home run list.

    McLain pitched in 15 games for the Braves that season, while Aaron played in 129 (out of 155).  It's highly unlikely that all 15 of McLain's games were in the 26 that Aaron missed.

    Particularly since he was only on the Braves roster for three months.

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