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Painful dry skin cure? ?

So on my feet I have really really bad dry skin, it’s cracked and everything I previously broke my ankle and I think with having a cast on for 10/12 weeks that’s how I got it.

I really want to get rid of it, one of the cracks have blood and had go down painful to walk on?

What helps get rid of dry skin and make it sort again and not rough or dry abs cracked ? 


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    1]  Get a very rough emery board and file down the dead skin.

    2]  Take a tablespoon or so of Cod Liver Oil or take some other form of essential fatty acids.  In my experience, fish oils work best and Cod Liver is cheapest.  You can take it in gelcaps.

    3]  Nivea cream or another quality lotion.

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    I'll bet that hurts like hell to walk on. You need some heel balm applied 2 times a day. When you apply it at night, keep your socks on. In the UK just get some Boots brand cracked heel balm the urea in it is keratolytic. Alpha hydroxy acids, such as lactic acid and glycolic acid, and salicylic acid work the same way, so look for a moisturiser or balm that has those in it.

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    im no expert lol .. i had a bottle of mink oil when my hands got real dry a couple of weeks ago .. a couple of periodic wipe downs with that and it got so much better i forgot about it ..

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