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I'm extremely suicidal and everyone is saying I deserve to die!? Am I really ruined? I FEEL DISGUSTING HELP?

4 months ago I was looking at porn blogs that still were on Tumblr. I was jumping from blog to blog and all were okay and 18+ with adults. They looked legal and okay so I viewed them. Anyway,on one I scrolled down for a bit and saw something awful. There was a gif of a literal child having something sexual done to them.. I was horrified by this and panicked scrolled fast past it then left the blog. There was NOTHING in the bio that implied this blog would be this way. I'm so scared. Someone said I'm a predator. But this was a mistake? By everything I said,does this sound like I willingly searched for it? Will I be in legal trouble? 😞


I would never search or look for stuff like this. It's horrible and wrong and the fact I saw it by mistakr horrified me. It was a gif. I didn't download ANYTHING

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    Accidentally finding child pornography and being in possession of it are two different things. Only the latter is a crime. I hope you reported it, both to Tumblr as well as the authorities.

  • Anonymous
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    stop doing wrong things AND ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOUR SINS...

  • Anonymous
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    Dude you aren't in trouble by merely coming across it and as embarrassing as it is you have to do the right thing. Report it to local law authority. Tell them the story, you were looking at adult porn and in the crossfire you accidentally saw kiddo porn. But you have to report it. Some kid out there is being sexually abused and if you don't disclose that information then youre just as bad as the perpetrator. Do the right thing. Don't be so prideful and selfish that you only think of your own reputation, you could be a potential hero. Report it now or forever live with that poor innocent childs innocence and purity on your conscience. Dude you have the power to do the right thing. You have to. It will ultimately make up for not only all your wrongs but it will bring justice to this poor abused child. Do it dude.

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