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I watched "To Catch A Predator" and remembered this guy from the show Jesse Velez that got caught after he made an "apology" on facebook?

Here's the apology, in my opinion and pretty much from what I've seen everyone else's this is probably the worst apology ever.

My thoughts on this- 

That's not really an apology, that's more of you being defensive and trying to play the victim card to make people feel sorry for you.

your thoughts?

"I don't know why life happens the way it does. I know I've done some stupid **** and I'm paying for it big time!!! I don't want my friends to judge me in any way but people can't people understand I'm human and I screwed up and I'm not that person I'm being portrayed to be.

This really bothers me a lot to the point where I wonder why am I still alive? I lost some great friends and family members because of the poor choice I made. This sucks more than anything in the world.

It's like walking through the mall and everyone just stares at you calling you names. That's how I feel sometimes. I feel like I failed myself sometimes but I gotta try to keep it together because life still goes on.

I wake up every day wondering every day what will happen to me and will the worse happen or the good? I know I've disappointed my boyfriend David Lee Rivera (tagged) but I'm trying my best right now. Other people wanna look at me funny and call me names.

Well you know one thing you can do is look in the mirror and ask if bullying is going to hurt me. Stop holding my actions against me and let me deal with it and don't judge me based on what you read"- ya boy Jesse Velez

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    The Utopia Research Group has noticed these anomalies.

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    So what is your question about a current event? 

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