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I'm 25. I don't care about accomplishing anything in life. Reccomend a good game or mmo?

I don't have ambitions. Parents will take care of me if needed. What game should I get into?


lmao sorry even im too good for fortnite

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    league of legends is pretty good .

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Pong from 1975 fun black and white game

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    Runescape is a pretty fun mmo but it can be very grindy. I've dumped some hours into it, and it's pretty fun. It's also free which is like the cherry on top.

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  • seriously, you are wanting rec, for a game which has virtually indefinate time to kill, and is an mmo right?...well how does the future, and space exploration, for people who can think for themselves  grab you?

    if it does then check out elite dangerous,  and as well the forthcoming expansion preview videos of "odyssey.....

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    Hey I'm also 25 and live with my parents and have little ambition, maybe I have more then you tho because I like buying and selling comics online. Anyway I'm not a big fan of online games but I do enjoy long games with great stories, may I reccomend Yakuza 0. You play as two members of the Japanese Tojo Clan who inadvertently get caught up in a huge war. If you end up liking it, well there's 7 more games plus some spinoffs. I also really like the pheonix Wright series, which are basically 80% just reading text but its like a funny anime where you're a lawyer and solve mysteries. Lastly I also enjoy the xenosaga games, rpgs from the ps2 with tons of cutscenes where you're in the army in the future and have to repel an alien invasion. 

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    1 month ago

    Go waste time in Fortnite with the rest of the dependent millennial trash

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