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Looking for a rifle scope with dot reticle ?

Been trying to find a certain scope with no luck. To put it simply, a "target dot" but without the cross hairs, just a plain black/red dot in a standard rifle scope. I've looked at red dot scopes but I don't like how its a reflected image instead of a fixed sight. Does anyone know of such a product 

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    The only scope that I can think of with just a dot is the Mueller 1-4x24mm Speed Shot.  Trijicon makes Accupoint 1-6x scopes with reticles that are triangles setting on a post

    You didn't say what magnification you were interested in, but prism scopes have typically have a simple etched reticle (typically a donut or horseshoe or chevron) that can also be illuminated.  Checkout the Vortex Spitfire 3x

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    Try a Lyman Target Spot scope. I have a couple, one on my .22-250 varmint rifle. The dot literally appears no larger than a pin head. The "cross hairs" are so tiny they ARE invisible. Many who look through that scope ask how do you aim it ? They do not even see the dot until I tell them to look for it. NOTHING hides behind that dot. Mine is a notch up the line from the Target Spot, they also made a SUPER Target Spot scope. It is a great choice because it does have a larger field of view than the Unertl of the same class.

    This IS an external adjustment scope. Because of age you may want to have it "Tuned Up" to be the best it can be.

    * The rifle I spoke of HAS fired many 3/8" 5 shot groups at 200 yards.

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