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is it bad not to use facial moisturizer? ?

i have oily acne prone skin

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    To recap, I was initially acquainted with surrendering lotion by clinical facialist Kate Kerr. At first, I laughed at the thought. I thought I had dry skin, I cherished thick creams, venerated facial oils, and consistently picked establishments that had "hydrating" in the name. "It's peculiar to me the number of smart ladies can accept that their skin just essentially has an issue, instead of reasoning it very well may be the items they're utilizing," Kerr said to me the first occasion when I addressed her. She was correct — I had recently acknowledged that I had "dry" skin while never thinking about that my dearest creams could be accomplishing more mischief than anything. "At the point when you look in the mirror and see flaky dryness, your intuition is to go after some salve, apply it, and voila, you can't see those pieces any longer, so you think the cream has tackled its work," Kerr said. "Truly, everything you're doing is compacting down that dead skin, preventing it from shedding normally, and affecting your skin's boundary work."

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    Bad, no. But using one that won't clog pores would cause your skin to produce less oil--oil that contributes to acne.

    When you wash your face, you remove natural oils. The skin immediately tries to replenish those oils, unless you apply a moisturizer.

    In their teens, our daughters used Neutrogena's "Moisture" in the sensitive skin formula, the one without SPF. I borrowed it and liked it better than what I was using that cost literally six times as much. I use it now, or a Target or drugstore brand knock-off.

    One pump covers your whole face. It sinks in in half a minute or so. No scent. Once it's sunk in, you can't feel it. It doesn't sting if you get it in your eyes. It's non-comedogenic--cannot clog pores. I think it's about $12, and used once a day your should get at least five or six weeks out of it.

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