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If I already have heating, what can be done about installing A/C?

I know this depends on a A LOT of factors, as I have been looking things up, but anyone else have central heating and get an A/C installed? We have a thermostat with controls for heat only, no A/C in my house. We're thinking of finally doing this, but what's the whole process? I'm not asking for costs, as I know those will vary greatly, but if we already have the heating system all set up, would it be more or less easier/harder to get A/C put in? 

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    The best way to approach it is to ask several qualified HVAC contractors to look at your system and give you and estimate and also tell you what they will have to do to add the AC.

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    I got rid of my traditional furnace and put in a heat pump (which can reverse to AC).   I LOVE IT.    Best home improvement dollars I ever spent.

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    you would have to get an AC unit installed either on your roof or in your yard that connects into the house and into your existing HVAC ducts

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