Laptop doesn't work when plugged into certain outlets?


So the problems started when the battery went. The laptop still works fine without a battery when it's plugged in. When I plug it in in the living room, it work every time without fail. When I plug it in in my bedroom, 50% of the time it won't turn on. But every other electronic device works in the bedroom. Why?

So it always works in the one room, but only sometimes in the other, even though everything else works there too. What can that be?

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  • 1 month ago

    Faulty outlet in the bedroom.

  • Lv 7
    1 month ago

    you have a bad battery. this is bad for baby. this will cause problems on your computer, long term.

    not the least of all, what you are experiencing.

    without a decent battery, you should not be moving it around or unplugging it. ever. when you first plug it in, it takes more than a few seconds for power to course thru it. so you may have to hit power, wait 10 seconds, then hit power again.

    or, if you're lucky, the capacitors may still have a little juice in them since the last shutdown.

    when you have a (working) battery, it keeps electricity ready, and the computer starts up right when you hit power.

    replace your battery. then things will be fine.

    if you haven't ruined the computer already...

  • Matt
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    the power coming out of the outlet in the bedroom may not be high enough to power the laptop due to old wiring or a faulty breaker, simple devices, lamps, fans, hairdryers, are not nearly as sensitive to the amount of power coming out of an outlet, and as long as it is enough to heat the heating element or make the motor turn we don't even notice that the light may be dimmer or the fan may be running slower, a lot of electronics also do not need a high throughput of power, as most electronics have transformers that regulate down the power coming out of the wall anyways but this can be damaging to electronics over time, because of this a lot of electronics, especially laptops, will not allow power to pass through the transformer if it doesn't fall between a specified wattage or voltage, you can check the power coming out of the wall by getting a voltmeter they can be purchased for relatively inexpensive, in the US the power coming out of your wall should be 110 volts , it varies in the rest of the world, but usually it is either 110 or 220 

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