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What was the religion created during the French Revolution?

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    The Cult of the Supreme Being (French: Culte de l'Être suprême) was a form of deism established in France by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution. It was intended to become the state religion of the new French Republic and a replacement for Roman Catholicism and its rival, the Cult of Reason.

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    None as far as I know. The french are mostly catholic. 

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    Be more specific.   In France? In Europe? Worldwide?

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    'The Cult of Reason'

    'The Cult of the Supreme Being'

    Those are the actual names of the religions the French government tried to force 1789-1801.

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    French Revolution was created by the illuminati Freemason Bankers to get rid of the Christian Monarchy in France they got rid of the monarchy but not Christianity

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    Madam Guilotine drew the crowds 

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