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Stomach Ulcer?

About 8 days ago I was eating popcorn, and usually after I’m done I lick the inside of the bag since it still has all the butter in it. While I was licking it I actually started to chew parts of the bag in my mouth. All of a sudden I tasted this metallic residue so I spit out the bag and threw it out, also noticing this weird tinfoil-like material which I guess was imbedded in the bag. I still had the weird metal taste in my mouth so I decided to wash it down with water and when I did, I felt this “burning” sensation in my intestines and from that day on I started experiencing gas, burping and very slight stomach jabs. My appetite stayed the same as I was able to eat just fine and I didn’t feel nauseated at all. Just the gas, barely noticeable stomach pains and burping. Skip to yesterday. I was eating Chinese food when all of a sudden I started feeling a little bit sick to my stomach and the gas, burping and stomach pains got slightly worse. So I went to the bathroom and poop and I still felt sick but a tiny bit better. I went to bed feeling nauseous and woke up this morning feeling the same. Could I have gotten ulcers from accidentally ingesting the weird metallic residue from that tinfoil? I also don’t really know why I decided to chew on the bag in the first place..stupid move I know! I’m going to the doctors this week but I’m just looking for a second opinion. Thanks! 


I’d like to add that there is no blood in my stool or anything either.

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