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What in the hell is going on with this democrat administration?

Where’s the unity?  Biden opening our borders to immigrants instead of putting 10 million people back to work. Biden actually telling union workers to get other jobs. Where????? Shutting down the keystone pipeline project over 11,000 jobs.  Biden looks like an *** keeping the national guard in dc. How many liberal democrats are admittedly and allowing the soon to be government run liberal media report Biden voter remorse? Who voted against Trump and not for Biden now regret it and are willing and going to stand with conservatives against silencing and will support getting Pelosi Schumer AOC and Waters out of Washington. They don’t support in full what Trump stands the same as a lot Trump supporters but now see the harm of this socialist anti American  administration. If democrats don’t step back and look at what the radical democrats are saying (  I don’t think Biden is a radical nut ) but he isn’t strong enough as the president of the United States to stand up to the radicals and say that he will not tolerate and support the hypocrisy and anti American actions of these “ few “.  It only takes one 

to feed the fear , to say all the right things to a group of people ( AOC ) especially young people are of the entitled generation who refuse to look beyond today. They have no idea what a socialist country is going to look like. LOOK at what hitler promised the German people. It’s the same thing today. Giving power to these few people, to their egos will eventually attack them 


? I agree covid is an important issue today but it will be solved soon. TRUMP did not bring covid to America. Why would he? We had the strongest economy in 2 decades. I do personally think that it was brought to America for political gain to attack Trump. With all of the international travel overseas for business why would it have started in a nursing home? and not the family the children of these travelers.

Update 2:

I believe it was because they thought that the elderly were expendable and they thought that they would succeed in impeaching President Trump and that they would be able to control and manipulate Pence who is a career politician who kisses donors and other politicians ***.  

? I CANNOT believe that you think let alone say that shutting down the production of resources in the United States and shipping jobs overseas will work itself out. That opening our borders to everyone isn’t bringing danger

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    1 month ago

    You know it’s bad when even feminists are turning against Biden.  

    Source(s): #BidenErasingWomen
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    Wake up and smell the coffee. The main problem facing the country is not jobs; it is people dying from COVID-19. Unscramble the mess Trump left us with and most of the other problems fix themselves.

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    1 month ago

    Biden is the puppet and signing anything this American hating party puts in front of him

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    1 month ago

    I know I get it. Its all Japanese to your brain that doing what's right, What's best is an aberration to you.

    a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome

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  • 1 month ago

    The AntiPOTUS has no interest in continuing President Trump's policies, which propelled America to never before seen greatness. Biden had the worst ever first week in a Presidency. Voters' remorse is surging already. 

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