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Is this a red flag? He’s moving to fast ?

I had a childhood friend that I had known when I was little. He lived across the street from me and his sister was my best friend. Well anyway, he recently found me on social media.... we exchange numbers and he text me to ask me if he can see me and my family since it’s been a long time that he hasn’t see any of us. I said sure, so he stopped by. Well after seeing me that day he told me that if I would be interested in having a relationship someday with him. He told me that he really likes me.... well the next day e wanted to see me agian , and he asked if I wanted to be in a relationship with him.... I told him that it’s kinda too fast and we need to get to know each other more before we develop a relationship.. well that day he surprised me with Beautiful roses... anyway, he keeps asking me to be his gf but. I just feel like that’s too soon!!! Even tho I knew him since I was little however everyone changes so I don’t really know him... the way he is now....   is this a red flag? 

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    It is almost ALWAYS too soon to be "in a relationship".  If they mean being monogamous.  Forsaking all others until we split up.  That is merely possessiveness and insecurity.  You can choose to see him but see others too.  Don't let him have power over you until you are sure it is worth it.

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    Yes, I would tell him that you want to date for a few months before you decide if you want to be his girlfriend.  If he can not respect your wishes then you do not want to see him again. 

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