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My gf is getting fat and it’s turning me off, should i leave? ?

Since the summer of 2019 i would have to estimate she put on 20-25 pounds and it’s starting to become more and more noticeable. I am to the point where i cant even finish when were having sex because i’m so disgusted. The other night we were having sex and i had to pull out because i was so turned off by her fat, she asked what was wrong and i said i just wasn’t into it. 

She has gotten way too comfortable with me and now I’m contemplating leaving, her a$$ has gotten huge and her stomach is starting to spill through her clothes. 

Should i leave? 

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    Thats what happens when the girl thinks she has he hooks in you, they let themselves go. Break up.

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    People suggesting you tell her she has gained weight are just stupid!  she already knows that her clothes are getting tighter and she doesn't look the same in a mirror, and the last thing she wants is you judging her for it. In fact, knowing that you are upset with her could add to her stress and weight gain.  Plus, the current quarantine has many people gaining weight.

    Can you have a non-judgmental conversation with her about the weight--a conversation, not a lecture?  If not, maybe you should leave her, because she deserves someone who does not body shame her and values her as a person.

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    maybe she is pregnant

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    I would break up with her for her own sake. There are many reasons that people gain weight, one being poor mental health. If she's exhibiting symptoms of declining mental health, it is important for her to be in the presence of supportive outlets. That is not you. Kindly end your relationship with her.

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    I would let your girlfriend know first.  TEll her she is getting fat and if she does not lose weight you are going to dump her.  So that way she is not blindsided by the breakup and gives her a chance to lose weight if she really wants to stay with you. 

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    Do you care about her? I mean, as a human being?

    You are her partner, you CAN point out the fact that you have noticed that she is stacking on weight, and that maybe this is a sign that she is having issues.

    You could talk about it, maybe work it out, maybe help her.

    Or, if she's just a shag, you could dump her and find someone suitably thin to dip your wick into.

    Your choice. What kind of man are you? I won't judge you. You should be true to yourself.

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