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Atheists (and religious people), what’s one thing you dislike about your partner?

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    “Atheists (and religious people), what’s one thing you dislike about your partner?”

    That he’s a Christian. Every Sunday he goes to Church and leaves me to do all the cookies and biscuits etc to make so that when he returns, it’s all ready for him, his family and half the people at the Church to eat. Although I do make amazing chocolate squares ;) 

    He’s also judgmental about things, like abortion etc... 

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    No Chance w/o Atheists -- So, put your foot down!  If your husband brings half the church home with him on Sundays, tell him you won't make the cookies and biscuits unless it's done on Saturday and he's there to help.

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    I can't think of anything worth mentioning.



    John Popelish

  • 1 month ago

    Not rolling the tube of toothpaste up from the bottom.


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    He lacks some maturity and experience, with certain things in life. And can also be VERY impulsive, which has sometimes led to some incredibly dumb decisions! Especially with money.

    However, he's also bipolar, AND ADHD, AND mildly learning disabled, especially as far as maths / numbers go! So it's really quite understandable. Plus he's doing his best to be more responsible, these days. But.. suffice to say, when we one day get married, he will NOT be in charge financially! Which, he's got enough self-insight and humility to 100% understand why THAT is. And accepts it. ;)

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    She keeps buying useless tat, there is barely a cupboard or horizontal surface in the house not filled or covered with dog toys, electronic gadgets and other items. On top of this she gets depressed when she has to bin things. She was in tears last year when I persuaded her to throw away hundreds of VHS tapes in the attic. We will be moving to a bigger house soon, she says it will be easier then, but I know that it will be an excuse to buy even more stuff. I shouldn't complain, she earns enough money to buy the stuff, but like so many people she thinks she needs new things to make her happy. She is a Christian, in case you wondered.

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