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Why didn't the wc unblock?

Chemical products, plunger, hot water and nothing.

2- How to call a plomber? Will they ask money to come, describe the problem and put a price?

3- How do rich people manage many apartments? Electricity, plombery, painting etc.

4- How does work a house insurance?

5- If a person looses her house in foreclose does she has to pay the debt? Do people invade It? And?


What's a drain broken?

Update 2:

2-Do i call from yellow Pages?

3- Do they find people in the Pages?

4-What do they cover?

5-Some houses seem to be abandoned. Do people still have to

pay to the banks?

Update 3:

Why many Bucks to them come Gypsy?

How many Bucks to the sewer?

What:s chemicals?

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    There's no Yellow Pages anymore. Google plumbers with your city name. Some have customer reviews. Or get a recommendation from a friend. They may charge you to come out, but you really have to do something. You should NEVER have put chemicals in your toilet! They may be able to clear the blockage with something called a "snake"- or the problem may be in your sewer lines. Are you in a single family house? If so, you are responsible for replacing the sewer lines to the street. That can be thousands. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    1 It needs either rodding out, jet washing or the drain may be broken.

       Any half decent firm will have a CCTV  camera they can put down.

    2 Ring plumber explain problem, they should give you a quotation.

    3 They either hire people to do the work or do it themselves

    4 You pay a premium and if you are lucky they pay out when required

    5 If a mortgage forecloses the house becomes the property of the bank is sold to pay off the debt. If there is any money left over it goes back to the borrower.

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