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When selling handmade jewelry& when making like a necklace if you need to buy a full strand or package of bead everytime you make a necklace?

When selling handmade jewelry and when making like a necklace if you need to buy many full strands or a package of beads everytime you make a necklace. Because of the pattern of the beads, 

Can you charge the customer what you had to spend in order to get the specific designed beads? And the gas for the car, etc.?Or just the amount of beads from the packages? Like the millefiori beads, that come in mixed colors in hobby lobby or craft stores.

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    You can charge whatever you want to charge for your final product. Just be sure you're not selling for less than the cost to make it, or you'll be losing money. Calculate all of your costs involved, then decide what you need to make on each item in order to make a comfortable profit without putting buyers off because of high prices.

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    1 month ago

    If you buy a bag of 100 beads for $10 but only use 50 of the beads for this project, then the cost of material in that project would be $5 and not the full price of the bag.

    The cost of material in the item should be a ratio of what you used compared to what it cost.

    Of course, then you add onto the cost of the item to cover your time for making it and a little extra to cover the time and gas money it took to go get materials.

    If you are always having left over items from customers ordering specific styles, then you should consider having some premade items for sale that have been made from the leftovers of these custom designs.  You could also consider looking for another source for your materials so that you aren't having leftover items that don't work for other projects.

    If you are in the USA, and if you make more than $400 doing this - you will need to report the income for taxes.  This means you need to save receipts for what you have spent and save the invoices for the sales you have made so that you can prove what you spent so that you are not taxed on the full price you charge for the items.

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