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I had a Idiotic moment & Forgot to wear my mask!!!!?

Today my neighbors tools were stolen from his truck were a tight knit community and I went over there to knock on the door offer my concern/sorries. I showed him the video from our security camera he needed to see (we were outside) but neither of us had our mask on! I literally have been locked up in my home for a YEAR only to pickup groceries and I wear my mask. I feel like a FOOL a Non thinking idiot. I texted him to find out if he or his family had covid or anything he said no... my family doesn’t either but the Sheer STRESS OF IT ALL IS KILLN ME!!! Thoughts? I’ve been in my guestroom away from my kids for my selfish stupidity I feel awful... hiw long should I keep away from my Dear family? 


Still stress’n wearing a mask around the house when I go out of room.

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    Consider yourself in quarantine. Inform the family.

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    @otto Thank You

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