I'm 26 years old, I am talking about highschool in this, NOT college, just curious, what's your response?

And also, what's your OPINION about everything Im saying?  You know, as you all do your artwork through the voices helping you, just remember, my voices are FREAKING out because they know I STILL did my school work and they slowed my ************* brain down the best they could and put me through so much pain but they watched me take my pen and paper and I was a CRITICAL THINKER, the mafia ******* wants my ***, I critical think my way out of everything, yup I sure do. I write 9 page papers, push my way into 100% accuracy, put time and effort, yo yo, y'all cheat, I just realize the mafia wanted me but DUMBASS I knew that cuz I get on a treadmill feel WAY worse than giving birth and don't even shed tears my friend, y'all, they've been testing me since I was 8 years old, PAAAAIIIIIINNNNN, THE ************* PAAAAIIIIIIINNNN!!I was going through so many many many many traumas, and I'm such a smart person, yah, I'm too smart, y'all better do something about what's going on in the world while you wait for me to catch up with how badly I've fallen behind because this is me getting better: i'm itchy, I have barely any money, trying to help my boyfriend, have medical issues, in some pain, sleepy, not good transportation, group home, no education, 26 years old, low mood but not too bad, pretty angry a lot, so yah, its getting better...but I'm starting to get things done but constantly I'm like screaming, "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH IM SO ******* ITCHY!!!"

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