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What's up with the Yahoo freak that took down my questions about eye protection, bullying me for being a rape victim, this is what you?

all are into on this site?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Any posting requires several reports to be removed, so it means that more than one trusted user flagged your post.  

    If you post the same thing multiple times then in will get reported as spam.

    If you responded to being called out as a rape survivor with profanity, name calling or attempting to dox the abuser it could get reported for adult content, profanity, privacy invasion or harassment.

    What you have just posted could also be reported because you are calling out other users, or ranting, as it isn't a knowledge seeking question.

    Source(s): Given that you blocked my other account I think you have a pretty good idea why your posts don't last. If you are upset by having your posts removed try actually adhering to the community guidelines and perhaps YA is not the site for you
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