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Dream of cleaning 🧽 🧼 🧹 ?

Ok... so..

It started that I was in a bathroom cleaning an big orange stain.. and my ex was standing there with his arms crossed, proud of me;-; (yes I know this sounds wrong) 

Anyways, I went to another bathroom and I saw  my sister and her friends making a huge mess!!! And “trying to prank people”😑 I wanted to clean it up right away; but her and her friends wouldn’t let me and insisted that I join with them....... so ofc weak me did.. so.... that caused me to be in and out of the bathroom to help this prank.. my ex started to get a bit sus about it.. the last thing I was supposed to do was hide in a vent with this other boy that I didn’t recognize.. and boom! My ex came in the bathroom curious and sus of what was going on and WHEN HD SAW THE BATHROOM he was sooo disgusted!!!!! I tried to explain to him I said “I- I wanted to clean it up bout they didn’t let me!!” He stood their puzzled and disgusted and said “where’s my old (my name) my germaphobic (my name)!!!!” And I said “right here!!!!” I came over to him and we started cuddling😳👉🏼👈🏼❤️ 

Ok so this is weird because I got over my ex! Like  I have no feelings for him at all!! And also our relationship wasn’t me cleaning up after him okay? Don’t get the wrong idea.. I don’t even think he knew I was a germaphobe... 

info of what’s going on in RL: he shut me out 2 years ago and I been moving on from him. I think we kinda had heat with eachother but it’s been awhile and I apologized so


Also he wanted me to move on and leave him alone so.

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    Dreaming of your ex is part of the process of letting go. 

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