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what does "knee jerk, risk off " feel" mean ? this is what CNBC stock market anaylst described the stock market as, what it means?

and why do they always use this stupid jargon? why not use more specific plain ole English?

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    knee jerk - is a reflex.  When the doctor hits your knee it jerks.  So the market is having an automatic reaction to coditions.

    risk off-  investors are less willing to have risk.  Buy safer stocks, sell riskier stocks

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    if you don't understand the jargon, it means that you need to learn much more before betting in the market.  "knee jerk" means immediate response to new outside factor.  "risk off" means to reduce exposure to potential (future) downward move.  "feel" means the analyst who said the former is comparing market tone to his prior experiences and the analysis is based on that, and not necessarily on quantifiable elements.  -- There are endless books on markets and trading.  Read a couple to get with the lingo used.  [But don't take their methods as Gospel ... if something written about the market works, it pretty quickly gets overplayed to the point that it ceases to work.]  -- grampa  {disclosure:  I'm "all in" but don't use margin}

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