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Why would he give up a relationship with a woman who's 18 years younger, smart, attractive and in love with him?

I'm 23 my ex is 41. We were dating for over a year. We met at work when I was about to turn 21 and he immediately started paying attention to me. He took me to the movies on the 1st date and our 2nd date was him flying me out to California for my 21st birthday. He rented a car and we drove along the coast and he took me to fancy museums, nice restaurants and to the beach. We had a good time and he even gave me his favorite jersey to wear and keep. He wanted to move in together right away. He rented us a really nice apartment with a balcony, master bathroom, pool, jacuzzi and an awesome view of the ocean. I helped with the rent but the lease and down payment was in his name. He flew me to NYC and Texas to meet his friends and seemed eager to show me off. He brought me to every one of his games (he's an athlete) and I'd hang with him and his team mates at the bar after games.

I was the first woman he'd dated since he was 28, he was 39 when we met. He had no relationship history or photos with ex's on his Facebook but he's very popular with women and has a lot of friends. He posted our photo all over his page and was proud. He paid for all the vacations and most of the rent even though he only makes 48k a year, he cooked for us, he always told me I was the prettiest women he's ever met. Any yet.....I apparently wasn't good enough because he said he didn't know if he saw a long term future for us. Now he's single and he didn't try to stop me when I moved on

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    I don't think this guy was telling you the complete truth. How in the world could someone only making $48k ($48,000) a year afford to fly you to California/Texas/NYC, rent a car, wine and dine you, and rent a nice apartment - in California? do you realize how expensive that is? beachfront property is thousands of dollars a month, it would take his entire paycheck just for the rent. More likely he made $480k a year. 

    Sure, he was eager to show you off to his friends, because you were young enough to be his daughter. 

    "He's very popular with women..." Yeah, I bet he is. I seriously doubt you were the only woman he'd dated in 11 years. He probably deleted everyone else. Are you even still on his Facebook? 

    To answer your question, he probably gave you up because he found someone else, or he got bored with you, or he thought you were getting too serious. 

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    So he's made it clear that he doesn't want to commit and you leave, perhaps to protect yourself emotionally, yet expect him to chase, yeeaaaaah, anyway

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