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Why does my cat say "Rowww"?

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    Each cat has a different sort of "meow". Although we are used to hearing that cats actually say, "Meow" and dogs say, "Bark", this is not entirely sufficient to describe these vocalizations. Each cat not only has its own particular meow, but each one can make different sounds at different times.

    Each of our own cats sounds different from the other, and we can tell the difference between their meows. Some cats will make a particular meowing sound just to be noticed, others just meow in that manner as their own "accent". One of our cats says, "Mc-mow", another is VERY loud, another rarely meows but has a very quiet meow. 

    This likely is just the way your cat meows, and nothing too terribly unusual; often male cats will say "Roww" more that female cats, usually in a deeper tone. Each cat can also vary their vocalizations if they need to, and that is a different subject, as well.

    And, watch this guy:

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    Various things on cat meows:

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    With my cat, it only makes *that* sort of noise when it's in pain. Have you cleaned its litter box? 

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    Cats actually have a rather large range of vocal sounds.  To know why your cat makes any particular sound, you need to pay attention to the situation at the time.  

    Some cats will always use a certain "meow" to ask for food or a certain other sound to ask for attention.  Sometimes they will make noise just because they are alone and they are looking for you.

    Cats often make a clicking sound when they are watching something that they want to try to catch - like watching a bug flying around out of their reach or watching a bird outside a window.

    Just like people, cats each have a unique personality and the only way to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you when it says "rowww" is to pay attention to what the cat seems to want or what the cat is doing at the time.

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