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If Biden wanted to do something for the poor, shouldn't he raise the minimize wage to the living wage of $250 an hour in CA, NY and IL?

while guaranteeing everyone a job?



Did your head explode because it would take making $250 an hour to make a living wage in LA, NYC, and Chicago?

What public school did you attend that taught you that you gave an answer to my question?  Feel free to sue the school board for dereliction of their duties and abuse of a minor. 

Update 2:


Who wants to keep up with inflation when you could get a living wage?

Prove me wrong

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    ...and bread will cost $40 a loaf.

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    Nice picture-. Stock photo.

    Should we be efficient, green and equitable?

    No question but we're not aiming at it.

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    1 month ago

    to keep up with inflation the minimum should be in the $ 15 - $ 18 an hour range . 

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