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When a dog says "Rrrrr" does that mean it is angry or just scared?


My older dog says "Rrrrr" whenever the younger one joins her on my lap. Is it because she was angry and wanted all the attention to herself 

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    She is certainly NOT scared, in that context.  She is probably angry or is resource guarding you and/or the place she was in on your lap.  It is also possible you are allowing or pushing the 2nd dog, into HER SPACE.  Nobody likes to be crowded and have somebody get INTO THEIR FACE and SPACE. Don't keep dong this.... or you may end up with a dog fight - in your lap. Pet one dog at a time (preferably on the floor) or put one of EITHER side of you (on said couch) rather than in your lap. That way they are equal, but separated.

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    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, is a dog's last warning to back off. 

    He won't tell you again. 

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    Could be either one or something else.  What does the body language say as the dog is ''Rrrrr"ing?  Dogs even make that sound in play.  Learn how to read your dog by learning a few things about Canine Body Language.

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     It can mean both...

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  • Maxi
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    Yur older dog is possession guarding you and/or the furniture..... it is a warning to the younger dog that you/furniture BELONG to her and that is bad behaviour and means you lack ( in her eyes) leadership

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    It's a warning to the younger dog.  Hopefully your younger one will understand even if you don't.    If you want to avoid a fight, which between two bitches (?) could mean there's no way back, don't have either up on your lap.

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    My pit bull made that noise once when a chihuahua barked at him. He then killed the chihuahua in three seconds. Self defense.

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