Is it legal to sell a house with a red tagged furnace?

The technician came to look at it and put a red "out of service" tag on it.  He said the firebox was leaking fire and it wasn't repairable, it will need to be replaced.  He said the cost to remove and dispose of the old furnace would be $100.  

The whole place has a fuse box with 4 - 15 amp circuits.   The basement is on one, the garage on another then the laundry room, kitchen, dining area, living room and bathroom are all on the 3rd and 2 bedrooms are on the last circuit.  I can run one space heater in the bedroom and another in the living room but that's it.  If I try to wash clothes or start the dishwasher with the heaters running, I blow a fuse.  

The only bathroom has an old clawfoot bathtub, no shower.  

The told me the cost to install a single zone mini split heat pump would be $3,000.  I'm not sure if the electrician would even hook it up when he sees the old fuse box.  I just don't have the money to fix it so I'm thinking the house will need to be sold to someone who has the money.  

P.S. It was my mom's house so I didn't buy it.  My dad was always cheap and did everything as cheap as he could.  I thought about putting heat in it before I sold it because it gets really cold here in the winter but it costs too much money.


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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can sell anything "as is". If a buyer wants to haggle on the price, then you point out that you already disclosed the furnace and electrical situation and INCLUDED it in your asking price. Disclosure laws vary, as does the wording of an "inspection contingency" in the contract. You do NOT have to let them "walk away" for things that their inspector finds, if you can prove they already knew about them.

    THere is generally no legal obligation to upgrade electrical systems upon sale of a single-family home.  Yes, it would be a big dollar item to replace the fuse box and all the wiring, so why not let the BUYER do it, if that's something THEY want to pay for after purchase? 

    Some sellers stupidly "upgrade" their homes prior to sale, thinking "it will sell better", but don't consider the fact that not all buyers have the same tastes or priorities and my prefer to do their OWN renovations later, if ever.  Putting your cash into such a home is a waste of time.

    Yes, you MIGHT be required (by local laws) to disclose a fire or carbon monoxide hazard, if it's not obvious from the "red tag".

    I once red-tagged an oil burner only to find out the owner was still using it a week later. So I went back, found the circuit breaker, put a locking clamp on it with a padlock and another "red tag" stating, "unauthorized removal is a criminal violation of the state fire code."

    Two weeks later they called for a release of the breaker for the new installation contractors.  No problem.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Houses have to be inspected as part of the sale.   The buyer will require it to be fixed.   So do it. 

  • 1 month ago

    It's perfectly legal to sell the place as long as you tell prospective buyers what the issues are--and advertise it "as is."  You MUST let them know they will need to replace both the electrical panel AND the furnace. That's going to mean you aren't going to get very much for this house, but some buyers will see that as a bargain and you may even get a cash buyer.  

    I bought my house for $18K--it needed both of those things--new furnace AND new electrical panel and wiring, AND it had no plumbing. I put an additional $30K into it for new services, plus other things, and now my house is worth over $100K--so there ARE buyers out there who will purchase.  But that's what you have to advertise. 

    I would suggest moving out, and cleaning up the property, and listing it as a "shell" or "as is" house for a low price. Let them know what it needs. Make sure you don't let it get vandalized or broken into, and put it on the market. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes. That has to be disclosed when selling.  Obviously they will negotiate for a lower purchase price(because they have to replace the furnace is an extra cost that needs doing first.

    Depends what you mean by REALLY COLD.  If water freezes then you got to think about all the plumbing pipes that hold water.(in the kitchen and bathroom). If your area gets SNOW, (that is frozen rain) so you KNOW you got to sell it B4 winter.

    . "needs furnace" for that is all you know(you are not an electrician) or a roofer

    . It sounds like a pre war home.  A small box on a small lot. It was sufficient for many. Land(Property) is worth more than the home.

    . Usually you sell to people WHO HAVE MONEY.  Most homes are sold exactly that way. You get money, they win a prize. They may be a developer who buys yours and a half dozen adjoining properties to bull doze them all down and put up a  $100M dollar high-rise that houses 20+ families.  YOU DON"T CARE. You are out of there.

    Your fuse box is something I have in the garage.

    The house has a breaker box with 20 (or so) 15Amp breakers.  Each breaker can be wired up to 10 paired outlets.  Nothing has changed. The wire is still the same gauge(thickness).  Electric heaters pull a lot of current.(amps). So an outlet in the garage means nothing if nothing is plugged in (such as a car block heater.)

     You missed the light boxes. I count at least 9 so that is 1 fuse circuit.  Leaves you with 3 fuses.

    . Dad was really cheap, but AT LEAST HE GOT A FURNACE...because electric would not do.

    . So, "who"  is the cheap Bass Turd? Just look in the mirror for the answer.

    As for cold.  The "homeless are living on the street with snow on the ground" so it is fine for them.  Are you "soft" or what?

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  • garry
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    as long as the buyer has been notified of the tag .

  • 1 month ago

    It would cost more than $100 just to haul away the existing furnace if it had already been disconnected.

    Installing a heat pump MAY be only $3000, but that won't include the price of the heat pump to be installed.

    If the electrical system was as outdated as you claim, the home would have been CONDEMNED several decades ago.

  • 1 month ago

    I get daily calls from "flippers" who want to buy my house, renovate, and sell it. And there are signs all around the city with phone numbers to call if you want to sell a house. Sell it to a flipper who will put in a new furnace system. 

  • y
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    1 month ago

    Yes, you can sell it in any shape you like, whomever buys it will use these things to drive the cost down.

  • 1 month ago

    depends on local area building codes, which we don't know.  Call your building department, or go visit them, and ask.  [gotta believe that, with upfront full disclosure, it can be sold, if only as a 'fixer'] -- grampa

  • 1 month ago

    You can sell but it's not legal to misrepresent what you know, but you're not obligated to disclose (unless you are obligated to disclose)

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