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How would you react if your friend/partner mentioned that they want a mommy/daddy relationship?

So this can possibly be seen as a very weird question, but I'm genuinely curious on the responses.

When I mention mommy/daddy relationships, I mean the ones that you see in the form of BDSM. How would you feel if your friend or partner opened up to you and told you that they want that in a relationship?

And would your opinion on it change if this specific person didn't have the best childhood growing up and they're wanting to get back that time they lost?

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    I appreciate how much trust and courage it takes for someone to open up about their deep sexual desires, and I would tell the friend/partner that. 

    But if they were asking me to be part of that type of bdsm experience with them, I would tell them it's not my thing. It's a big turn off for me. 

    I once had a "friends with benefits" situation with a guy who started calling me "mommy" and it made me really uncomfortable. I knew that he'd been raised by a single dad, so I couldn't help wondering if that had something to do with it. I didn't think any less of him as a person, he was cool, but I didn't continue sleeping with him. Sexual incompatibility is a deal breaker for me. 

    Also, when someone wants a mommy/daddy relationship, it doesn't necessarily mean they want to be the little one. Maybe they want to be the parent? 

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    If someone wants this to be a normal life in future do not ever think that they will grow out of it in a short time. This is something that will be with, whoever, for the rest of their lives. It is a fantasy with unbelievable power over those in the grip. You should be very glad that they have felt able to tell you, but, in return, do not feel that this places an obligation on you to go along with it. If you do not “feel” this also, deep within, you must make your excuses and leave. You will be made very unhappy by the relentless demand on you to ease the need.

    Source(s): Lifelong power of sexual fantasies
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    BDSM isn't my thing, so I'm no expert... but I'm pretty sure that is different from a relationship where one person is a mommy or daddy to the other...

    - BDSM, I wouldn't say it is so mainstream that it is common, but it isn't like a rarity, I think; hell, there's what, two 50 Shades of Gray movies that came out in theaters (and they weren't just limited release, either)??... So my partner coming to me about wanting to do/try that wouldn't be shocking, I think... I'd give it a shot, but I'm not trying to be the submissive one; and on top of that, I'm not too sure I'm cut out for that sort of thing in the first place... but I suppose it'd be worth a shot.

    - a mommy/daddy thing however, seems like a bit more of an ask; I'd certainly consider it a more dubious proposition... it seems like someone someone would ask if they already had some kind of issues w/ one or both of their parents... and if not, it seems like something that leads to/ fosters some kind of problem; it is probably indicative of something going on, I reckon... now that's a generalization so I'm not saying something is wrong w/ such people 100% of the time... (now's a good time to mention that I'm no expert on this either) but I reckon there's a notable correlation of some sort going on... If a partner came to me w/ this sort of proposition, I'd try to see about therapy for them at some point in time in the near future... but depending on the girl, I can at least be talked into trying this once.

  • Not my thing at all so it would probably be an issue.  Nothing against people who want this kind of relationship dynamic, but it's not something I want.

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    Kinda like what? Sugar daddy/baby fetish? 🥴 As long as I dont play mommy, we good.

    🥴 I would brutalize the hell out of him. 😄

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