Fake preppy and cocky people.?

Bro I’m disabled and throughout my school years. Mostly girls have the “nice tone of personality to me, and I often question myself to regimes. But they said I’m their friend but when I ask to hang out with them to get to know them via text message for example they ignore the question and do it really well to move on from the question. Fake or real, and doesn’t anyone else feel/felt that way ppf? Example hi five and hugging

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  • 1 month ago

    I think everyone has acquaintances that treat them friendly when they see each other, but don't wish to have closer relationships.  That doesn't mean they are fake friends, just not close friends.  And it does suck to make the effort to get to know someone better, but be brushed off (even if done so in a nice manner).  It is like dating in the sense that it is a numbers game.  You aren't going to hook up with every girl you meet, but may find one in 50 that will.  My point is to keep trying to make the effort and eventually someone will reciprocate your efforts.

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on if your special Ed or traditional Ed. But people With autism or Down syndrome often face that s h i t because the traditional Ed are in school-mode-fake-preppyish scrap book mode have friends that they don’t want to lose. ---around those lines.

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