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Are there two sides to facts?

Rand Paul says there are two sides to facts, and that if I don't believe his, I'm calling him a liar.

Is this true?

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    Democrats way and everything else is wrong 

    Welcome to the new America

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    Facts do not have multiple sides.  People have multiple interpretations of facts.  The fact stands regardless of how interpreted.  It is a silly and stupid statement by Paul. And some facts have no room for interpretation at all.  Tell me what is the other side to the fact of water boiling at 100C at standard conditions?  

    In good Trumpism manner he is debasing the very concept of objective reality.

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    Of course.  Here's a simple example.  You stand to the north of a house, and I stand to the south of the same house.  We have very different views of the house.  

    Here's another.  I'm going south on the freeway and I go past a line of cars going north at a slow rate, bumper to bumper.  I go a little farther and I see cars going north at a normal speed.  I know they are going to be in a traffic jam soon, but they have no idea.  

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    Facts are facts as a lot point here.. BUT: Not everything somebody thinks is a fact is indeed a fact.. AND  Some facts are irrelevant to the issue.


    Election was stolen  -- not a fact

    Inconsistencies in how voting was conducted   -- That's a fact

    Voter suppression of voters that Republicans don't want voting  --  In my opinion that's a fact

    Trump was talking voter fraud well before the election, & with no explanation of how that would be done  --   that is a fact.

    If Mr. Paul has some other facts, we should be willing to at least listen.  So far there's only been speculation & innuendo. If there are other relevant facts to support the Republican point, we haven't seen them yet.  Quite the opposite.

    There can be two sides to facts, but only in that your relevant facts are different than my relevant facts.

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    No its not true. Never has been true before. What Paul is advocating is alternate facts.....a world where there is no truth.... and if there is no truth there is no right and wrong....any crime can be committed and when confronted you can just say what crime? in fact I think you are a criminal I accuse you who are accusing me of being a super criminal and I will investigate you until.....some crime is proven against you that proves my alternate fact is correct.  Meanwhile, notice how we are now no longer talking about the original real crime that was alleged.  This is the world Rand Paul and the Donald Trumps of the world want for us.  If Trump is seen as being a Russian agent doing a lot of obvious blatant things to help the Russians, heck he will just accuse Biden of being in bed  with China......why? well, if Biden is alleged to be in bed with China, it proves all politicians can be in bed with a foreign enemy ....that is not that abnormal, so why worry about Trump being in bed with Russia? others are in bed with enemy countries too....

    Also. Facts are like premises that we observe or better yet all accept to have reasonable intelligent debates and conclusions.  If  a mile wide asteroid is headed for earth, and we know this by scientific proof, that is a fact.  We then use that fact to come up with other premises, like how far away the asteroid is, when the collision is expected, etc..  Once we know these kind of things we can then try to come up with some logical intelligent way of dealing with the crisis and save the planet. But we cannot come to a solution that is logical unless we accept the facts. If we spend our time debating whether or not the initial premises are true because some people would rather spend their energy saying its a hoax, then we are not likely to solve the problem. 

    You need real facts that are universally accepted to have a functioning whoever gets the most votes wins the election, period end of story....

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    In many cases yes. This is the reason for polite debate.

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    No. There's only one side and that's the truth. They have assaulted the truth over the last 4 years. They want us to acknowledge and respect their world of lies. This is how the insurrection happened, they sold the Big Lie of voter fraud. But they have been created this alternate universe since Kelly Anne Conway announced their alternate reality.

    There's only one side, there's the truth.

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    While there are true facts, the observation of these facts are subject to infinite interpretations. 

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    1 month ago

    Yes--however pro-liberal propaganda only allows you, IN THE U.S., to see ONLY the side of political issues that favor THEIR political leaders....which currently are Biden and Harris.

    I'm saddened at the tought that totally unbiased American news reporting has been replaced by kids pretending to be journalists---who today favor Socialism/Communism....and want to dabble with that IN America!!!

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