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Street cat injury ?

Thank you guys for taking the time to read about my issue. There’s a street cat that the neighbors and myself leave food out for, but tonight I noticed the cat has a lump on her forehead also it appears that the area above her right eye has less hair than the rest of her face and her right eye is droopy/sagging/ almost like she’s squinting and I think it may be watery. She isn’t acting out of the norm, she is eating and drinking water just fine her walking/running doesn’t appear to be impaired, she still doesn’t let me touch her so I can’t really see the extent of the injuries. Is it just regular cat fight injuries or could it be something worse? Trying to find a way to contain and take her to the vet but need idea? 

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    In this case, you would need to set a humane trap that will capture the cat, then take her to the vet. Unfortunately, if you cannot touch the cat, it is going to be pretty difficult to treat her. The only other thing you could do is administer antibiotics in the cat's food, if you happen to have cat antibiotics around your home. This may relieve an infection.

    The injuries could be nearly anything from fighting injuries, injuries from another source, tangle with a car, viral infection, fungal infection, etc. 

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    If it appeared suddenly, it is probably an injury and the cat will probably be fine, since it doesn't seem in distress.

    Sometimes animals get tumors, but that would grow slowly.

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    Call animal control who will come out, set up a catch crate and take the cat in for treatment. spay her and either find it a home or release

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    It might be related to a fight or it might be something worse.

    My mom's cat developed a lump on his face and it was cancer.  Of course, that is really reaching to the worst possible situation.  (and her cat was a pampered house cat over 12 years old.  Street cats usually die before the age of 7 years.)

    It is far more likely an infected cut from a fight or injury.

    If you can catch the cat, be sure to have the cat spayed or neutered so that this cat isn't adding to the homeless cat population.

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    Yu wanna take care of the cat? Take it into your house. People are stupid who feed stray cats so they can breed and make more stray cats.NOT responsible at all.

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