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white father with black mother bears a brown son?

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    no, he will either be black or white, not brown.

    Here's the biology behind it:

    Let's say the black skin gene is dominant and the white skin gene is not.

    So black gene = S

    and white gene = s

    CASE 1:

    If the dad is white = ss

    and the mom is black = SS

         S      S

    s  Ss    Ss 

    s  Ss    Ss

    Ss means the gene is mixed (both black n white) but since black gene (S) is dominant, hence your phenotype or your feature (skin) will be black.

    Vice versa if the dominant gene is white, then your skin will be white.

    CASE 2:

    if the dad is white = ss

    and the mom is black = Ss

          S       s

    s   Ss     ss

    s   Ss     ss

    That means they'll have a 50/50 chance of having black kids and white kids.

    In conclusion, no, they cannot have brown kids just because their gene is mixed. The dominant gene will always be the phenotype

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    1 month ago

    yes brown son..

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