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What oppressive business regulations should The Idiot Biden decree to crush the American economy, while boosting the Chinese economy?

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    The Paris Accord will cut our industries, raise our fuel prices, even teach our young children how to be activists for the cause of global warming and cause them to live in fear.  He stopped the pipeline.  That ended thousands of jobs and made Canada mad.  He could (and is) going to open the border during a pandemic and give amnesty to at the very least 11 million undocumented people who have been here at least 8 years.  This will cause citizens to lose their higher paying jobs and those jobs will go to people who will willingly work for less but there will be a $15 per hour minimum wage.  Also tax payers will pay for undocumented health care.  I'm tired now.  I'm sure there are others such as increasing H1B work to replace American workers who actually have to train these people before they are fired.

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    He alread got us back in the Paris agreement.   That strangles US industry and allows the Chinese to continue to lead the world in polluting. 

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    There should be a balloon tax and maybe a mug tax (not shown)

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