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Why am I so very pathetic?

My course started today and I couldn't get myself out of bed. I probably am in trouble now but I don't care that much. I rather go through all this garbage than meeting strangers and have them judge me and see how pathetic and stupid and ugly I am.

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    you need a psychologist, not an online comment.  Find one in your area.  While I recommend those who use NLP and Process Communication, those are only two methods out of likely hundreds in use.  that there are hundreds strongly suggests to me that the field has no reliable way of measuring outcomes -- and thus you have to be wary of liking a practitioner's selling methods [personality fit] as opposed to making progress toward mental health.  [Process has the interesting observation that depression is normal and natural in some circumstances and frequently does not suggest using psych drugs -- the MDs [psychiatrists] rely too heavily on drugs, imho -- I avoid them.]

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    1 month ago

    When we go through our life being shot down by others, it gradually takes its toll on our mind and emotions. It gets to a stage where you just want to hide away because you know what will happen when you are obligated to be in the presence of others for a period of time. This is how many get social anxiety, depression and panic attacks, from an accumulation of put-downs or bullying. If you don't take medication to help in these situations where you have to be among people, perhaps you could consider trying them. They may take the edge off where you don't care what others think. You are not pathetic, many are in the same boat as you. 

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