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Dyeing my hair, should I blow dry?

So i am dyeing my hair for the first time using arctic fox and after I put the dye in my hair and wash it out, should I blow dry my hair or will that make the color fade? I've heard that using heat is bad for semi-permanent hair since the color will fade faster. So should i blow dry or just let it air dry?

Any other hair dyeing tips would be helpful too :) 

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    Anything from hairspray and styling products with alcohol to too much blow-drying can all contribute to color fading.” The chemicals found in styling products open up the cuticle allowing the color to slip out.

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    Why not I don't think applying heat will fade your colour, but semi permanent dye will eventually fade each time you wash your hair.

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    Blow drying your hair after dying it shouldn't make the color fade. Semi permanent dye eventually washes out of your hair, but some colors can stain your hair.

    Fashion dyes only fades when you shampoo your hair. Shampoo it less often and the dye shouldn't fade too quickly.

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    I always blow dry my hair after dying it, I've never had a problem with it fading faster.

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    I would let it air dry 

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