Can Manchester United emerge as one of the forerunners for the 2020/21 Premier League Title ?

The question hit home, I'm asking whether if it came to it,  would this squad be capable of competing with Man City and possibly Liverpool if they re-emerge into the fray of things,  could we make it a 3-horse race till the final few games of the season at least ?

Lets assume its just us and Man City going into the final 5 or 6 games as likely champions, with City ahead by 2 points and with us having a remarkable one game in hand.

Lets say we drew it ( anybody know who they play in match week 33 and who we play on match week 33 ? something for someone to find out )

We've both played 33 games with 5 to go and we're trailing either them or Liverpool by a point.

If Liverpool are out of the picture at this stage, swap them with Leicester City if you wish but I honestly can't see teams lasting the pace that long that they've put themselves within touching distance of Man City after 33 games.  The only team I still consider to be in that picture are Liverpool despite their form collapsing like a house of cards lately, I just can't rule them out.

What if after 31 games its us and nobody else whos challenging Man City for the title?

could we push on and win it ?

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    1 month ago
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    Fvck Loserpool, fvck Man sh1tty mate. We need that title right now. Now’s our momentum.

  • 1 month ago


    nobody in that United side knows how to cope with the pressure of being in the driving seat with just a few wins away from lifting the premier league title.

    This side is not rooney, ronaldo, tevez, vidic, scholes, giggs, carrick, park, etc

    this side is a side that has potential but no real experience of trying to win a title when there are at least 3 other teams capable of winning it.

    Last season was different cos we romped to the title and won it in style nobodys fault, everybody tried hard - so do we lol

    end of the day,  if you're stilling sitting top of the pile after 28 games I'll give you guys a look in as champions elect but its too early to be talking about who will win the league and who will finish 2,3 and 4..

    lets all just keep winning football matches and see what the table looks like by the end of say,  February ^_^

    I reckon you'll slip out of the title race and finish 3rd again.  We'll either win the Title OR finish runners up this year to Citeh.

  • 1 month ago

    I hate to say it but my mate Jamals reckons they is gonna win; so much that he put two twenty one pounds bus fair on them innit.

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