How to get over jealousy of knowing my parents love my sister more than me?

I have known for years that my parents favor my younger sister over me.  I even recognized it when we were little girls.  I don't think she notices it, and I certainly know she deserves it and I love her more than anyone else in my life, after my husband.  I am not bitter at all toward her, but I am a little bitter toward my parents.  I know my sister is prettier, more successful, and will probably have kids (I haven't and will not have kids).  But, even before we grew up, I knew it.  I'm not really sure why my parents favor her.  Even in the insignificant things, like when we play board games, my mom will "kill off" my pawns when she gets a chance, but let my sister win, just little things like that to remind me about it again. 

Anyone with this similar experience?  How do you handle the jealousy, if any?

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  • J P
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    1 month ago
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    For decades my father's mother didn't treat our family right. It may have been something about my father, or just that his sister was very charismatic, and so was one of the wives of Dad's next eldest brother. So Aunt Jane's kids and Uncle Paul's kid were the "golden children" and everyone knew it.

    One Sunday after all the grandchildren were grown and some even had their own grandchildren, my siblings, plus my spouse and I, were all over at Granny's.  As one of my older siblings was saying the last goodbye, Granny teared up. We were the only family to visit her that day and Granny's disappointment in the others was palpable. All she said was, "I think I owe you kids an apology," and my sibling (the eldest, and thus bestowed with the apology) simply said, "We're family and when we say we love one another we all know we mean it."

    Nobody ever told the "favorites" what Granny said. We love each other!

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    All you can do is try to ignore it, its hard, I know first hand. Its not your sisters fault, its your parents. Use your parents for a college education, get a good job, then have nothing to do with the. I have been in your shoes, there is noting more you can do.

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    maybe you should ask your parents this question

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