anime: change of heart?

for bakugan

its plus opposed to its former minuses 

- most pretty show though in background not the people

- but the people are usually pleasant being kids and such

- the bakugan points system allows a bakugan with lower points to defeat a cored up bakugan

- only needs one evolution opposed to pokemon

- could take on yugioh heroes and live to tell the tale 

- has advanced tech like digimon but for more practical useless

- villains may be more ugly but are much less idiotic than at least pokemon os

- a world which would be pleasant to live in but still offers challenges

- even the dark enemy bakugan are able to be matched by the likes of any normal bakugan

- dan may be immature but he has alot of common sense 

- show progresses at steady pace

- u can ignore the cheesy humor

- dan supports fast food chains alot

- a non evolved bakugan team can match an evo bakugan

- the gold bakugan is extremely nice opposed to gold being evil in almost  every other series

- the sounds are decent

- finally they have unique teams

- and the show has good complex theories that dont confuse you

- also it values cultures

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    Change of Heart. Take control of one of your opponent's monster for 1 turn. Takes control of your Bakugon monster. Tribute it. Now you don't have a monster on the field. Attack you directly.

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