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A few years ago, my sister stole $2,000 from my pay card to pay for her ovarian cancer treatments. Should I get back at her?

My mom requested her to pay me back, but she only paid me $40. My mom went to Florida to stay with some family for the winter months (lupus), so I had to stay with my sister until she returns. I had just started my 1st job ever, and me and my mom agreed that I should save up for a car, and only could spend $50 from an ATM, while she keeps the rest. Once I temporarily moved in with my sister, my mom had her keep it in a secret place. After a few months, I noticed that I wasn’t getting my $50 anymore, so I got suspicious and decided to enlist the help of my manager to look at my transactions, and noticed a lot of transactions that I had not known about, most were coming from a local dollar store. My mom eventually found out about it, and she said my sister had to pay it back. However, my sister only paid $40 one time, and that was it.


I used to live under her roof at the time this was happening I do not anymore and she stole the $2k while I was staying with her 

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    Your sister shouldn't have taken the money, no. But it sounds to me like she might have been desperate and felt that she had no other choices. Cancer treatment is expensive, pal. Really, it is. And the toll it takes on people is enormous. Add in the fact that many kinds of treatment for that disease aren't covered by insurance, and you have a recipe for the kind of action your sister took. I hope that she is in remission now, for both your sakes. There's also something else to think about- has it ever entered your head that your sister may not have been in her right mind when stole that money from you? Cancer can do that to a person, too. When one's life is at stake, they will sometimes behave in strange ways.

    No, revenge isn't the answer here, tempting though it might seem. Compassion is. Because the next time around, it might just be YOU who is in the situation that your sister was in, and you may be just as desperate as she was. Think about that before you go judging her. I'm sorry you lost some money, but hey, you still have your sister in your life, and that's saying a lot. She got lucky.

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    go to the police as that is theft, if its taken to court then they could force her to pay you back

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would report her for stealing

  • Anonymous
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    Your sister is a jerk and your mom doesn't sound too bright, but you made some mistakes yourself.  Why did it take several months for you to notice you weren't getting the $50 any more?  Also, why would you need a manager's help to look at your own transactions?  Don't you get regular bank statements?  Parts of this were a bit confusing, so it's hard to follow how this happened. Finally, are you saying your mom took your whole paycheck minus the $50 you could use?  If so, I don't quite get how your sister got $2000 unless  your mom gave it to her.

    So it's really hard to say.  If your sister owes you $2000, you have to find a way to hold her accountable for that.  If you have proof of this, threaten to report it as theft unless she is willing to set up a repayment plan, she types this out and both of you sign it.  

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    Your sister is a real POS. 

    start managing your own money.  and tell both your mom and your sister to eff off. 

    You're being robbed. 

    On the other hand, you're living under your sisters maybe you need to be mindful of that and the expenses your sister incurs housing you. 

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    Let it slide. It’s only $1960. She needed the money more than you. It’s not like she stole your money out of malice. She needed it for her cancer. 

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