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Does the moon have radiation?

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    Yes. It does. It reflects and emits radiation in the infrared wavelengths. 

    The Moon's surface emits 200 times the?amount of radiation the?Earth's surface emits because the Moon does not have a global magnetic field like Earth has. The Moon still has a 30 kilometer tick part of the mantle that has not completely crystallized.

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    Well technically yes, but it is pretty harmless.  It is high energy radiation, and highly powerful radiation that is dangerous.

    There is radiation to a small degree everywhere.

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    The moon only reflect the light of the sun at the night time to earth.

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    Yes, but the term "radiation" is extremely general.

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    i dont think so

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    It has elements that emit radioactivity, just like any object.  But it is no more radioactive than the Earth.

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    Just a little bit, it is awful cold on its dark side.

    The day side warms increasing radiation a bit.

    Nothing at all like a sun or hot stellar object.

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    The moon has more surface radiation than the Earth because meteors fall upon it and some of them are radioactive.

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    Depends what you mean by "have radiation."

    If you mean, "is there a lot of radiation on the moon?" then the answer is "yes - quite a lot."

    If you mean, "does the moon produce radiation itself?" then the answer is "not really."

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