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Do I have COVID after skiing?

I’ve been skiing for years now and I’ve never gotten these types of symptoms, sore throat, runny nose, cough, you know the classic cold symptoms. Now one of my friends apparently had contact without knowing and skied with our group. I’ve also been experiencing chronic ear pain as well, I might just be paranoid but it would be good to get an opinion on it.

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    Sounds like you got a cold.  If you want to make sure you don't have COVID, you have to get a COIVD test.  There is no way to know based on symptoms because there are so many COIVD-related symptoms.  With the protocols and restrictions currently in place, it is very unlikely you could have contracted COVID from skiing.  You could have picked up a cold virus (or OIVD) from close, sustained contact with your friends or other people. 

    Your friend should get tested.  ANYONE in your group who has any COIVD systems should also get tested.  That's just common sense.  You should all quarantine until you can get tested -- also common sense.  

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    It's called the seasonal flu.


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