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im so happy and so depressed at the same time?

sometimes i feel really secure and happy in myself in what im doing, like i have control over my life and what i want and what I know really makes me happy in life, and I tend to be on my own a lot to work inwards. 

But I lack being around others a lot and it feels like something is always missing in my life and I just generally always feel sad all the time like someone has moved away for ever and they were everything to me. But that's never happened to me in the first place

why am I always so unhappy, tired, and bored

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    1 month ago
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    I dunno. 

    Ive never been THAT alone before. And with over 100 blood relatives and being integrated with them constantly for 37 years for weddings, graduations, baby showers and funerals.......

    Trust me when I say youre not missing much except the desire to kill some of them.

    🥴 Im planning on living out the rest of my days with my baby sister and her spouse.  The last 37 years of having no privacy probably shortened my lifespan.

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