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Toxic friend ?

Hi, so a really close friend of mine (someone I talk to a lot and really friendly with) used to be the best person ever - then I stTted noticed a change in them, they’d make me feel like **** etc. I’ve spent money on them, I was there to talk to them when they needed me etc, but recently we fell out over something that was entirely their fault, I made the effort to message them and say I value our friendship a lot and don’t want it to end. They then said yeah alright etc and we seemed to have made up and now they’re just blanking me and when they do reply being all blunt, I don’t wanna cut them off as maybe there’s more to it and I love the friendship - is this just toxic? It feels like I’m always sad over them and kinda feels like emotional abuse (not to jump ahead of myself).

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  • Foofa
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    Being so called "toxic" is a pattern of behavior rather than one big bust up. But as you don't tell us what the falling out was over and are very quick to blame it all on them it's hard to know. Could be if we heard the circumstances of the argument we might find you both to blame. 

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    I have dealt with this same situation numerous times. You need to listen to your gut and think about how you truly feel. Do you feel that this person has wronged you and is taking advantage of you? You need to ask yourself those types of questions. Also, if the other person isn't making any effort to maintain the friendship, then it might be over. It is sad to see, but it happens a lot. I wish you all the best.


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