Writing a resume-I want to determine how I helped the company grow. ?

I worked for a company of about 40 staff. I ran the hiring program and when I left we’d added about 15 people. 

In my resume I’m trying to say that I helped the company grow in size by (%). But I don’t know how to figure this out

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  • 1 month ago

    If it started at 40 and you added 15, bringing it up to 55, then that is 37.5%.

    If it was 40 after you added 15, and started at 25 before you added them, that is 60%.

  • 1 month ago

    (Increase) / (Original # Employees) is your formula.

    If the company was 40 when you left, then it was 25 when you started.  So it grew from 25 to 40.  15/25 = 60% growth.  OR

    If the company was 40 when you started, then it grew from 40 to 55.  15/40 = 37.5%.

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    1 month ago

    How many people were there when you were hired and how many people were there when you left. 

    For example, when you were hired, there were 80 people. When you left, there were 90 people, so during your time, there were 10 new hires. 10/80 = 12.5% so you saw a 12.5% increase. 

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